Level 5 Diplomas

We are delighted to be running no fewer than five Level 5 OCR diploma courses this year. The Level 5 Diploma in Teaching Learners with Dyslexia or Specific Learning Difficulties is suitable for teachers, HLTAs, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and anyone with a level 3 qualification or higher who is looking for a satisfying new career.

This qualification is designed to provide a route for continued professional development for teachers and other professionals such as learning support staff in schools and learning support tutors and trainers in further education. Candidates will learn about legislation relating to Special Educational Needs, understand the importance of assessments by specialist educators and discover how to assess the needs of individuals. They will also be able to plan, teach and evaluate learning programmes for individuals with dyslexia/specific learning difficulties/literacy difficulties.

The course is split into four units, giving you huge insight into SEN policy and the challenges of learning for those with special educational needs, and kitting you out with all the tools and knowledge you need to teach learners with dyslexia and SpLD.

Click here for a full outline of the course - but the four key areas are:
1. Understanding Special Educational Needs policy and context in relation to dyslexia/specific learning difficulties
2. Assessing the needs of individuals with dyslexia/specific learning difficulties
3. Planning and teaching learning programmes for individuals with dyslexia/specific learning difficulties
4. Evaluation of teaching and learning programmes for individuals with dyslexia/specific learning difficulties

Courses take place in Salisbury, Dorchester, Woodford Green, Kensington and Cambridge. Dates and costs are below – please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information or to book a place.

Level 5 Salisbury £3700
Tues 19th Sep
Tues 17th Oct
Tues 14th Nov
Tues 14th Dec
Tues 16th Jan 2018
Tues 20th Feb

Level 5 Dorchester £3700
Thurs 21st Sep
Thurs 19th Oct
Thurs 23rd Nov
Thurs 18th Jan 2018
Thurs 22nd Feb
Thurs 22nd Mar

Level 5 Cambridge £3700
Dates to be confirmed

Level 5 Woodford Green £3900
Thurs 28th Sep
Thurs 9th Nov
Thurs 7th Dec
Thurs 1st Feb 2018
Thurs 8th Mar
Thurs 26th Apr

Level 5 Kensington £3900
Fri 6th Oct
Sat 7th Oct
Fri 1st Dec
Sat 2nd Dec
Fri 26th Jan 2018
Sat 27th Jan

Level 7 Diplomas

We are also running two Level 7 courses, in Cambridge and London. The Level 7 Diploma in Teaching and Assessing Learners with Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties is aimed at Specialist and Advisory teachers, SENCOs/Inclusion Managers, Learning Support tutors and managers, Speech and Language therapists and other professionals working in an educational setting. This qualification is designed to meet the needs of qualified teachers who not only teach learners with specific learning needs but who also need to provide formal diagnostic assessment reports based on the use of standardised assessment tests.

The Level 7 Diploma comprises six units:
1. Understanding theoretical concepts for teaching individuals with dyslexia/specific learning difficulties
2. Understanding psychometric and educational assessment methods in the context of dyslexia/specific learning difficulties
3. Assessing individuals for dyslexia/specific learning difficulties
4. Planning and teaching learning programmes for individuals with dyslexia/specific learning difficulties
5. Evaluation of teaching and learning programmes for individuals with dyslexia/specific learning difficulties
6. Relating theoretical and methodological perspectives to practice in the context of dyslexia/specific learning difficulties

You can find the full course outline here. Dates are as follows. Again, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info or to register your interest.

Level 7 Woodford Green £4350
Fri 29th Sep
Fri 20th Oct
Fri 24th Nov
Fri 19th Jan 2018
Fri 23rd Feb
Fri 23rd Mar

Level 7 Cambridge £3950
Dates to be confirmed


uniBedWould you like to be a part of a working party creating a new course to complement the SENCo Award?

As we mentioned in the previous newsletter, Liz and Julia are working with the University of Bedfordshire, funded by the Innovation Bridge Project. They are hoping to create short, accredited courses, at different levels, for people working with learners with Specific Learning Difficulties, as part of the Dyslexia Matters’ mission to disseminate good practice.

Phase One is to devise a shorter course about dyslexia and associated difficulties for SENCos who are not in a position to train as Specialist Teachers, but who wish to understand and ensure high quality provision and/or interventions in their school.

If you are already qualified or are training to be a Specialist Teacher and would like to be involved in the course development in some capacity, however small, please email us. We would love to hear from you and would really welcome your input and views.

OCR logoDuring February we had an EQA (External Quality Assessment) visit and the assessor was very impressed, so we are all very pleased.  We pride ourselves on constantly improving the training and services we deliver, and the comments the assessor made proved that we are succeeding in this aim.

Here are just a few highlights from the report.

  • New assessors are being taken on and the training of staff is taken seriously
  • Our annual Internal Quality Assessment cycle now includes planning and review
  • Our assessment plans are “extremely clear”
  • Candidate portfolios demonstrate “excellent assessment and feedback”
  • Feedback records are now easily accessible to candidates
  • We maintain excellent standards and our focus on IQA and our assessors ensures quality remains high

Our last assessment resulted in a recommendation to create a “house” style for candidate feedback and we are delighted to have put that in place, with the assessor commenting that it increased ease of marking and access. We have two new targets to work towards for our next assessment – adding expanded notes on the OCR Appeals Process to our Learner Agreements, and considering an online resource area for our assessors.

It was lovely to welcome some new assessors to the team during our EQA assessment, and we look forward to working with them.

Best of all was the wonderful news that all the candidates passed their level 5 diplomas. Congratulations to you all!

The University of Bedfordshire invited Dyslexia Matters to apply to take part in their prestigious Innovation Bridge Project. The Innovation and Enterprise Service of the university aims to collaborate with local businesses and support their development through university research projects.


As many of you know, at Dyslexia Matters our core mission is to help learners with dyslexia by training teachers and TAs to become specialist teachers with the OCR level 5 Teaching Learners with Dyslexia course, and to become assessors with the OCR level 7 Assessing and Teaching Learners with Dyslexia course. However, we are always thinking about new ideas about how to spread the word, improve the lives of people with dyslexia, and empower those who support them at home, in school/college/university and in the workplace. Liz and Julia were therefore delighted to be invited to apply for the EU-funded Innovation Bridge Project, which can offer a range of academic support to help develop an action plan for developing a new project or service, and/or grants to implement the plans. They had an exciting meeting with two academics from the University of Bedfordshire who are now considering what type of support we would benefit from to implement our ideas, and how the university can best help us. Everyone on the team is very excited about this latest development. 

Dyslexia Blog High Res

We were delighted to receive an email recently from Feedspot to say that our website has been selected as one of the top 50 dyslexia blogs on the web!

We love sharing hints, tips and advice on teaching learners with dyslexia and other related learning challenges, and this is fantastic news and will bring our blog to a wider audience.

We're in good company in the Top 50, alongside other amazing blogs from people like Dyslexia Action, the British Dyslexia Association and our favourite podcaster, The CodPast. While we love that you visit our site, we're sure there will be plenty of other interesting tips and articles amongst the other Top 50 sites, so do take a look:

“…I am impressed by the standard of delivery on this course and am inspired to continue my research”. OCR Student