Why Us?






  • The trainers for all the courses we run are Specialist teachers with over 25 years of experience in teaching and assessing children with Specific Learning Difficulties, including dyslexia. The course leaders are regular practitioners as well as knowledgeable theorists. This means that:
    • You get the benefit of advice and experience of what really works in the field
    • The trainers know how to help you get skilled, knowledgeable and confident with teaching this rewarding group of students quickly
    • You learn all you need to succeed as a specialist teacher for students with dyslexia
  • Flexible study options:
    • On-line courses that can be started at regular points throughout the year
    • Schedule for OCR courses based in Cambridge
    • Schedule for OCR courses based in London

  • Highly practical, multisensory specialist courses
  • Possibility of grant funding and career development loans for eligible candidates

Download our application form. For further details please contact:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Telephone:  01767 313100www.dyslexiamatters.co.uk


“…I am impressed by the standard of delivery on this course and am inspired to continue my research”. OCR Student