Resources for Teachers: Phonics Cards

We are delighted to be able to offer a wonderful resource for specialist teachers: our phonics cards and programme.  The cards and manual cost £150 +VAT.  Many of you will find this an invaluable resource.  If you would like to order one or would like more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Here is an extract from the manual:

Red Stage:

  1. Red vowels and consonants

Before learners start this stage, they should be able to blend sounds orally (see phonological awareness).

It is very important that letters are not taught in isolation, but instead used in the context of real words. Don’t use letter names at this stage – just sounds.

The following words use only the letters: s t p n h m d r a

sat              pat              hat              mat

map            rap              man            ran

sad             dad             mad            had

Find these cards from the pack of red words, shuffle them and give them to the learner. If necessary, tell the learner each letter but be aware which ones s/he already knows. It is better to tell the learner the letters than to let them make a mistake (errorless learning).

If the learner manages to decode the word, even though you have given them as much information as they needed, put the word into a separate pile that you can call the ‘easy’ pile.

If the learner makes a mistake, give as little information as possible to enable him/her to get it right – do not be tempted to just give the answer. Cues that could be given at this stage are

  • If s/he reads ‘tap’ for ‘map’, say (while pointing to ‘m’), “this is a ‘m’, so the word is…?”
  • “Look here” (while pointing to the part of the word that is wrong).
  • “You guessed that – try again, listen to what I said” (and repeat what you told them before).

 Use the basic method for teaching these words.