How It Can Feel To Be an Adult With Dyslexia

How It Can Feel To Be an Adult With Dyslexia


The struggles faced by Adults that live with Dyslexia.

By Julia Hewerdine




My Difficulty With Spelling and Personal Experiences:

Spelling has never been my forte. My childhood days of being a learner with dyslexia still come with me when I am met with a new spelling challenge. As an adult, I have many more strategies that support my gaps in spelling knowledge. I am happy to ask others, look up words and am eternally grateful for the wiggly red line in my word documents. I am usually surrounded by people who embrace my differences.

However, every now and then I am caught out by my difficulties and the reaction of those around me. I went to my local Doctors’ Surgery to order some more tablets. I had left the box at home with the word of the medication on, so made a ‘good attempt’ at spelling the word and explaining to the Receptionist that I have dyslexia and found spelling unfamiliar words accurately tricky. Her reaction was to tut loudly, sigh heavily and said, ‘well that just means I will now have to look up!”

Suddenly I felt 6 years old again – embarrassed and confused by the fact that everyone else seemed to grasp the mystery code that I was failing to understand. The social awkwardness that I cannot spell accurately was there once again.

Once again, I was reminded of the strain dyslexia can cause people on a day to day basis and how many people still demonstrate a lack of understanding of difficulties. The work we do to change attitudes and promote practical solutions for learners with dyslexia is very much needed. We have trained employers and employees in the Police Service, Fire Service, Civil Service, Housing Associations…let’s hope more establishments follow soon.

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