Dyslexia Matters in partnership with The Dyslexia Centre, South Kensington


Dyslexia Matters has just finished its first successful year working in partnership with The Dyslexia Centre, South Kensington. This was a new venture for us but we received a warm welcome from Jo Petty and her team and soon felt quite at home. 

As this was a new partnership we were a small, select group, but this did allow for lots of interesting questions - which got us putting our thinking caps on about how we could improve the course even more for our future candidates.

 As good practitioners, our team at Dyslexia Matters is always sharing ideas and expertise to improve the support we give to others, and we thought that it could only be a good thing if we could get our candidates to do the same. Following this cohort’s feedback, we have made some additions to our face to face course and have already had some positive feedback. In addition to the multisensory teaching we already do, we are now including short practical demonstrations showing how to turn theory into practice and will then get candidates to think about the activities they could make and use to support specific targets, sharing these with others on the course.

Lead assessor Julia Smith says: “As I write this I am aware that our first new cohort are beavering away thinking up and making activities to support SMART targets that they can share with each other when we next meet. I feel really excited by this, as do they and would therefore like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to Jo and her team, as I feel our partnership and the new venue enabled this to happen.”