Level 7: PAPAA: Postgraduate Award of Proficiency For Access Arrangements

We are pleased to offer a 3 day blended learning version of the PAPAA course in Moulton, Northamptonshire.

 The 3 day blended learning option will suit students who have a practical, hands-on learning style. It comprises 3 face to face days spread out over approximately 6 weeks.

Participants will be able to work within a group, completing some assignments between or during the sessions, so that they can take full advantage of course deliverers’ input and feedback, completing up to 40% of the course requirements. Course tutors will demonstrate how to administer some of the tests, and students will gain as hands-on experience in administering tests themselves.

The face to face training will cover Unit 1 which prepares you to complete Unit 2 online.

The fee for this option is £1,700 (£1,250 for the online training plus £550 for the face to face days).
Prices are valid until 30th June 2018

3 days of face to face training

Day 1: 10.00am to 4.00pm will cover:

  • What are Access Arrangements?
  • Who can conduct assessments?
  • The impact of specific learning difficulties on exams
  • Introduction to the principles of psychometric testing
  • PAPAA Assignment Overview Unit 2 (with Q & A throughout the presentation)
  • Rationale and administration of tests to support an application for a Reader

Day 2: 10.00am to 4.00pm:

  • The types of Access Arrangement available e.g. Scribe, Reader etc
  • Rationale and administration of tests to support an application for a Scribe
  • Rationale and administration of tests to support an application for Extra Time
  • How to select a candidate for the videoed assessment
  • Introducing assessment plans

Day 3: 10.00am to 4.00pm:

  • Reporting results using confidence bands, percentiles and age equivalents.
  • Analysis of results
  • Report writing
  • Practical activities involving tests and assessments for Access Arrangements

After the 3 face to face days, students will be able to start work on Unit 2, with online access to the PAPAA video presentations.

Online video presentations for Unit 2 include:

  • Access Arrangements for General Qualifications
  • Extra Time in Exams - assessing the need
  • Collating and Interpreting Evidence
  • Assessing Students with EAL for Access Arrangements
  • Using Assistive Technology in Exams

 We anticipate the course will take approximately an additional 60 hours to complete after the 3 days intensive face to face training

To book your place on this course email: info@dyslexiamatters.co.uk or telephone 01767 313100

Course Dates

Day 3 to be confirmed

June 2018
July 2018