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Is the course accredited learning?
Yes 42 credits for the L5, 60 credits for L7.
Are there any funding/bursaries available?
Can I pay in instalments?
Is the online course the same as the face to face course?
Do I have my tutor for the whole of the course?
Do I have to come from a teaching background to apply?
Why can’t I go straight on to do the Level 7 instead of doing the Level 5 first?

OCR Level 5 Teaching

For the teaching practice do I need children from both primary key stages or could I work with one child and one adult instead or an older child?
You will need to work with 2 learners from 2 consecutive key stages, or 2 adults (provided they have as different needs as possible). You can work with a key stage 5 and an adult.

It is best to check the appropriateness and ages of your learners with your tutor before you commit to an age group or any individual.
Why do I have to post my work and not email it and who pays the postage?
When do questionnaires completed with rationale need to be done?
If I did my assessments over 6 months ago, are they still relevant?
Is there a guideline that tells me at what point I should be at a certain time?
Is it beneficial to become a member of PATOSS?
When will I get my certificate?

OCR Level 7 Teaching

Why do I have to submit a copy of one of my Level 5 essays when applying for a Level 7 course?
If you have not been a candidate with us before we would require evidence of the standard of your work in the form of your Unit 1 legislation essay, to ensure that you could manage the rigours of the Level 7 units.
Why or when would I have to do the teaching practice of the Level 5 again?
Why does my level 5 have to be within 3 years if applying to do the level 7?
Do you lend out test kits and do you charge for this?
When will I get my certificate?